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Kingman, Arizona has passenger train service.

Originally called the Super Chief when it was operated by the Santa Fe Railroad, this Chicago to Los Angeles train was called the Southwest Limited until1984, when Amtrak changed the name to the Southwest Chief.

Kingman, Arizona is currently served by Amtrak's Southwest Chief. The city has twice daily Amtrak service (once eastbound and once westbound). It is a crew change location so the train always stops.

Riding the train to and from Kingman still has the romance of yesteryear. And if you have not experienced the fun of having a meal riding down the tracks you should.

The food tastes good, the service if respectable, and the views are great.

After your meal you can move on to the observation car to watch the beautiful scenery of the southwest go by.

Take The Train To Kingman, Arizona!
AMTRAK Stops Twice A Day.
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